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So. After 25 years of service PNC Bank has advised me that they have killed their free business checking and are now charging an unreasonable fee and demanding a huge deposit to maintain checking without this fee! I am heading down to their lousy bank Saturday and cancelling ALL my accounts and switching them to my local bank, First Keystone, who still cares about its customers! I encourage anyone else affected to do the same - let the banks know just how much we hate them! Share this across the world if you think this is unreasonable! - This is what PNC thinks of you after 25 years of service:

Dear Valued Business Customer, In August, your Free Business Checking accounts will change to our new Business Checking. Because you are a valued customer, we want to help minimize any impact this change may have for your business... To avoid a monthly $12.00 fee you must: 1. Maintain an average monthly collected balance of $1,500 in your account. 2. Have a PNC Merchant Services account. 3. Use alinked PNC Business credit card to make a minimum of $1,000 in eligible purchases each month.


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